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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is commission-based. Affiliates advertis… Leggi is commission-based. Affiliates advertise a business’s products, and commission is paid to the affiliates based on leads or conversions delivered via their advertising.

Brand Identity

A clear brand identityA clear brand identity articulates (both internally and exte… Leggi articulates (both internally and externally) what makes a company unique and helps it stand apart from the competition.

Content Strategy

An effective content strategyAn effective content strategy helps prioritize and focus con… Leggi helps prioritize and focus content planning, creation, and management efforts by drawing a direct connection between those efforts, the business goals they support, and success metrics.

Conversion Funnel

Un Conversion FunnelUn Conversion Funnel (imbuto conversione) è una termine usa… Leggi (imbuto conversione) è una termine usato nel marketing digitale  per descrivere il percorso tramite cui consumatore o utente Internet attraversa  nentre ricerca, naviga  o visita un sito, che lo porta ad una conversione. La metafora visuale del’ imbuto viene utilizzata per descrivere la …

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Cost per Thousand (CPM)

CPM is the cost per thousand advertising impressions, or views of an advertisement by a person. A $1 CPM means that the price of 1,000 advertising impressions is one dollar. The term “CPM” is used across digital and traditional media. It is also known as “cost per mille.”

Data Security

Data securityData security comprises the processes and associated tools t… Leggi comprises the processes and associated tools that protect sensitive information assets, either in transit or at rest. Data securityData security comprises the processes and associated tools t… Leggi methods include: Encryption (applying a keyed cryptographic algorithm so that data is not easily read and/or …

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Data Visualization

Data visualizationData visualization is a way to represent information graphic… Leggi is a way to represent information graphically, highlighting patterns and trends in data and helping the reader to achieve quick insights. Also known as “interactive visual exploration,” it enables the exploration of data via the manipulation of chart images, with the color, brightness, size, …

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