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Luca D'Addeo

“If You Want to Succed with Digital Marketing, Never be afraid to make Experiments.”

_ Luca D’Addeo

About Me


Hi, my name is Luca D’Addeo and I like to define myself as a T-Shaped Digital Marketer (a.k.a. Growth Hacker.)

I have more than 15 Year of Experinces as ICT Consultant and 5 Years as Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant.

During my life i have  acquired  many transversal competences and knowledge about Marketing and Comunication,  Psychology, Philosophy,  Self-empowerment, Martial Arts,  Coaching, Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing, Programming, Web Developing, Free and  Open Source Software, Linux/Unix OS, DevOps Culture, Lean and Agile Methodologies,  Project Management , Problem Solving and much more … 

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